Monday, February 20, 2006

Ah, L'Amour

So, this year, for Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something special for Rusty. I wanted to let him know how much I love him and how much I appreciate all he does for me and our soon-to-be family. If you know us, even a little, you know that Rusty is probably even more of a hopeless romantic than I am (if that is possible)! He is so good at making me feel like a princess on those special days like Valentine's Day, my birthday, and our anniversary. And this time, I wanted to try to out-do him!

I started the day off with a home-made Valentine's Day card. After he went to work, I spent most of the day working on a special treat for dessert that night -- a cranberry cheesecake. When he got home from work, I was dressed and ready to take him out to dinner -- to a classy Italian restaurant near our house that we have both been wanting to try for awhile now. After dinner, it was back home for coffee and cranberry cheesecake -- absolutely divine, if I do say so myself! Rusty agreed. In fact, he said it was definitely good enough to request again, say on his birthday this year... I consider that the ultimate compliment.

Who do you love? Did you find a creative way to tell them so this Valentine's Day?

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  1. Yeah, I tried to tell her how much I loved her by getting myself a really huge chocolate bar as a sign of my affection for her. I even had biblical presidence and necessary inference for it. But she didn't take it to seriously and posted the story on our blog. Now all my friends think that I'm really messed up in the head. Thanks Honey!

    (Hey!! You sit in front of that much chocolate and see if you don't get visually stimulated.)