Thursday, February 23, 2006

10 Months Pregnant!

Here's a little known fact that you may or may not care about. The Japanese count ten months of pregnancy as opposed to the Western nine. 40 weeks gestation divided by 4 weeks to a month equals. . . Come on, you math whizzes -- exactly 10 months of pregnancy! I like this system, because all I have to do when someone asks me how many months pregnant I am is to take the week I'm at and divide by four. So, yes, I suppose now I have to admit that learning all those multiplication tables in elementary school is finally serving a useful purpose!

Anyway, as of two weeks ago, I officially entered my tenth month of pregnancy. At last week's doctor's appointment, the doctor confirmed that the baby's head was descending. And as of this week, Baby Campbell is considered full-term. The home stretch.

It is hard to describe my feelings at this point in the pregnancy. Excited, yet terrified. Ready to meet this little one face to face, yet completely unprepared for the responsibility of caring for a newborn. Wanting the pregnancy to end, yet apprehensive and a little fearful of the labor and birth process. It all seems so surreal. . . yet somehow normal. Babies are born every day, all around the world, yet each birth is its own miraculous event.

Our God is an awesome God!


  1. The time is upon you! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Boy Campbell. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. GAMBARE!!! Fure! Fure! These are great pics...I was hoping you would get some pics up. Blessings to your family. J & N

  2. WOW! I know you are so excited. I am too! Can't wait for your little guy to get here.
    I know all those feelings.. but having a baby is something like trying to pee an orange! HA! Got to have humor ya know. I must take after Babu!
    LOVE you!
    Aunt Dyana

  3. I so understand that surreal feeling. I was induced each time so I would have is happening tomorrow. That knowledge always made me cry. I was so ready for it and so scared too.
    Many blessings on you, all three!

  4. Hey, guys! I just heard from Nicole Whaley that you had a son!! Congratulations! Isn't it the most incredible experience? I'm so happy that you get to experience the wonder of parenthood! -Jeri Ford