Monday, March 20, 2006

We're working on it!!!

For all of you that may be anxious to see pictures of little Alex, they're coming. We're having technical difficulties with our computers. The nicer of our two computers is a Mac and for some reason we're not able to post picuters to our blog using the Mac because the OS has just been outdated. The other computer is old and very slow. It's really only good for posting picutes on the blog because we can't with the Mac. The only real benifit, other than posting pictures with it is that we can use our wireless connection with it. And of course, we can't with the Mac unless we strip it, change the suspension and give it a complete overhaul. The other problem with the old computer is that the plug on the power cord is currently unusable. Meaning that there is 'No Power!' and without power there are no pictures to post on the blog.

We are currently discussing the solution to our problem. Do we purchase a $75 power cord for an old run down computer that makes noises that resemble something between an Apache helicopter and a 1991 Chevy Citation when the hard drive spins down or do we spend $120 upgrading the operating system on the Mac that is perfectly fine but since Mac has a monopoly on all its products they can do what ever they want to do all in the name of consumer driven spending. Either way, we still have to pay around $30 in shipping.

Our other option is to purchase a new computer that has all the bells and whistles that any new parents would want to share their little bundle of joy with the web world. Of course, by the time that we received it here in Japan it would be completely outdated and worth less than a micro-cent of what we paid for it.

We thank all of you for your many prayers and concerns over the last several weeks. We've received several pachages from people back in the states that have really lifted our spirites (A ton of chocolate will do that. Thanks mom!) and brightened our days. We are so blessed to have our precious little boy with us. He has been a real joy. We are looking forward to sharing pictures with you at the earliest possible moment that we can post them to the blog. Untill such time, I'll give you a short description of Alexander. He is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

We love you all (Even those that don't check the blog that often.) Thank you again for your support, encouragement, prayers, and gifts. May God bless you today as you have blessed us.




    He takes after his father if I do say so myself. (Shut up, Ronda!)

  2. Rusty and Laura, So good to hear from you. I have been praying for you. I have seen some pics of Alex on your mom and dad's blog and Josh and Julies...can't wait to see more though as I am sure he has already changed some. I am sorry to hear about the computer suggestion would be to upgrade the mac...they are so good to work on and very little problems compared to other computers. but I am warning you...the whole mac thing is very much like a cult!!!
    Love you all and continue to pray for you.

  3. You all need to come over here with your camera and put some pictures on the blog! i agree with Rusty... Alex is so cute and content!

  4. Rusty and Laura,
    You might mention that I have pictures on my blog for those who are interested. Of course my pictures are already almost a week out of date. We miss you all and enjoyed out time with you so much. Love, Dad