Saturday, March 25, 2006

Visitors in the Hospital

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Mommy and I had several visitors during out stay at the hospital. Here I am with Kudo-san, the midwife who helped Mommy so much during labor and delivery. Mommy says there are two people she couldn't have done without for my birth. One was Kudo-san, and the other, of course, was Daddy.

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Here I am with my Japanese grandmother, "Oba-san" (Mrs. Saka). The Saka's were Daddy's home-stay family when he came to Japan on the Pacific Rim study abroad program in 1997. When Daddy and Mommy came to live in Japan for the first time (in 1999), they lived practically next door to the Saka's. They have always enjoyed a close relationship with them and called them "Oka-san" and "Oto-san" (mother and father in Japanese). Mommy says I am lucky to have three grandmothers since most people only have two!

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This is my buddy, Freedom Chan, and his mom and dad, Mark and Charity Chan. I can't wait until I get just a little bigger so I can play with Freedom!

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Here I am with Judith. She is a missionary at Taga church where Mommy and Daddy go. She has also been teaching a few of Mommy's classes while Mommy has been on maternity leave. Thanks, Judith!

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The baby on the left in the carseat is my little friend, Sophia, who was born one day before me! Her mom, Roxanna, is in the purple shirt holding me. Roxanna and Mommy had the same midwife, so Kudo-san (on the left holding Sophia) had a busy few days taking care of all of us! On the right are Rie, a midwife-in- training, and her little girl, Hikaru, and Heather Rosser from Mito church, one of Roxanna's labor partners.

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