Friday, June 09, 2006

Three Months Old

3 Months Old, originally uploaded by rustyandlaura.

Here is our little man at three months old. He grows and changes so much from month to month, and even day to day. He is getting longer and fatter, is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes, and has graduated to the next size diaper cover.

By the way, just a little plug here for my Mother-Ease cloth diapers. They are wonderful! The benefits of cloth diapering are many, including being better for the envionment (a big plus for my "save-the earth" Oregonian husband) and better for babies' bottoms (no diaper rash yet, knock on wood). But the best thing about cloth diapers, in my opinion, is that they are going to end up saving us a TON of money over disposables.

3 Months Old
Originally uploaded by rustyandlaura.
Alex' accomplishments of the third month included discovering his hands, starting to push up with his legs, improving his visual tracking, holding and shaking rattles, and beginning to sit (while well-supported by us or pillows). He even slept all the way through the night on several occasions, although that is not his usual pattern yet (it only happens when he is very, very tired, either because he didn't nap well or we kept him up too late)! He has started interacting with both his toys and us more, which is so much fun for Rusty and I. He is also smiling a lot more and has started giggling and chuckling, especially when tickled!

Month three also brought about my return to very part-time work for World English Center. Currently, I am teaching two kindergarten classes, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. On Tuesday, I leave Alex at World English Center with the secretary while I go to the kindergarten for my class. On Wednesday, he goes with me to the kindergarten and I leave him at the drop-in day care for an hour while I teach my class. Alex seems to be adjusting well to this so far. He is such a content and easy-going baby, and for that, I am very thankful.

Happy Three Month Birthday, Alex!

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