Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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Rusty turned 33 years old this year (on May 19th). To celebrate, we had over 20 people (not including children) come to the house on Saturday, May 20th, for a big party. Rusty asked me to make African food, so I made two big pots of coconut chicken curry, chapatis (a flat bread kind of like a tortilla), greens, and a fruit salad. Two friends helped by bringing their rice cookers full of rice to go with the curry (thanks, Tomoko and Charity). For his birthday cake, he requested cranberry cheesecake, and I also made a chocolate sheet cake. Other friends helped by bringing several half gallons of ice cream to go with the cake (thanks, Damon and Amy). The cake in the photo is not the cheescake, but a chocolate cake from a bakery that one of the guests brought for Rusty. It came complete with candles, so we just used that when we sang "Happy Birthday."

It was a busy day getting ready for the party, made even more difficult by the fact that Alex refused to take a nap all day! I think he knew something big was going on and he wasn't going to miss it. But it was well worth it. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the food (judging by the quantity that was consumed). Rusty said it was his best birthday party in many years, maybe even since high school.

(Thanks, Mark, for the photo. I was so busy during the party that I forgot to take any pictures with our camera, so I stole this picture off of his blog.)

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  1. Glad you had a happy birthday Rusty! Hope your first Father's Day (coming up quickly!) is just as nice.