Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Missin' Memphis and Mississippi

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Who woulda thunk it? After being gone from Mississippi for almost one year now, Rusty and I have decided that there are quite a few things we miss about living in the South! These are some of the things that sort of grew on us in the three years we lived in the South (a year in Memphis and two years in North Mississippi):

1) Mississippi sweet potatoes (Did you know that the sweet potato capital of the world is in Mississippi? I didn't either, until I moved there! And boy, are they ever good!)

2) KIX 106 (Yes, in three years, I developed a taste for country music -- and this country radio station rocks -- especially the morning show. I miss you, Young and Elder!)

3) Barbeque (Before I lived in Memphis, I thought barbeque was overrated. But I acquired a taste for it in the three years we lived there. Corky's, anyone?)

4) Hunting (Actually, Rusty misses hunting. I don't hunt, but I sure miss the venison -- that's "deer meat" in Redneck -- he used to bring home. We used to take it to a processing plant and get great steaks, ground meat, and bulk sausage. So delicious, and healthy too!)

5) Mission Interest Nights (The Huffards hosted these in their home once a month. It was a great time of fellowship with others who shared our interest in -- you guessed it -- missions! And Ilene sure cooked up some great grub!)

6) Sweet tea (There is nothing that says "Southern hospitality" like a large glass of super-sweet iced tea. And nothing tastes better on those muggy summer days, either!)

7) Fried catfish, okra, and hushpuppies (There was a great restaurant in Lars Hill that we went to once with our friend Mary Cocke and her daughter Earline. I still find myself craving that delicious food to this day!)

8) Thyatira church family (We really hope to make it back someday to see all of you and introduce you to Alex!)

9) Thyatira church potlucks -- especially desserts! (Those southern women sure know how to cook!)

10) Monthly "enkais" with Jason and Nicole Whaley (friends from our AET days in Mito, soon to be on their way to Australia to do mission work).

11) Birthday bashes with the Marcums (My sister, Julie, and I share a birthday and our husbands' birthdays are only two days apart, so we celebrated together for three years -- Bahama Breeze, Steak 'n Ale, Texas de Brazil, The Melting Pot, Joe's Crab Shack, Memphis River Queen. Great times with special people!)

12) HUGSR community (especially events like Fall Fest and the Christmas Party)

13) The $2.50 movie theater in Bartlett (At almost $18 a pop here, let's just say that Rusty and I don't go to the movies very often!)

14) My job at the Highland Street church (The greatest job ever, except of course for the job of mommy! I especially miss the rest of the staff and our monthly birthday potlucks. And the great talks Brooke and I used to have in our shared office.)

15) The Bucksnort (I kid you not -- this was the name of a gas station/convenience store in Independence, MS. The cheapest place around to get gas. They also sold great burgers and philly cheese-steak sandwiches.)

We will probably not live anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line again, and if we ever decide to give up our nomadic lifestyle, we will most likely settle in Oregon. But we will always remember with fondness the "Southern" chapter of our lives.


  1. We miss those えんかい (enkai), too.

  2. Yes - the south grows on you. In ways you just don't expect! We treasure our time here and are thankful to you guys who went ahead of us! We would not be here without y'all having been here first! I miss our enkais at Edo, Sekisui, Mikasa...and Laura what I wouldn't do for a glass of sweet tea at McAlisters with you. Those were sweet times...pun intended :)

  3. Those things all sound wonderful (except the hunting, because deer are too pretty to shoot and venison isn't my favorite). But can anything really outweigh the mugginess and the GIANT bugs? I think not.

    Which is why you need to end up in Oregon--and so do I! Hopefully at the same time, and while we're still young enough to enjoy it--I doubt there's going to be much gallivanting when we're 80.

  4. RUSTY!

    i am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

    congratulations on alex, he's gorgeous. i hope i get to meet him someday!!!

  5. (psssst.... i should have told you.. this is becky (holden) berg)

  6. mmm #'s 3,6&7. We to miss a few of the fun times in Memphis. HUGSR holds many fond memories for us as well.
    Alex is a cutie,

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Hey guys! Mississippi misses you too . . . Alex is cute, and we hope you do come back to visit sometime. Memphis just had their annual BBQ Festival, but I won't drive you crazy with the details. Take care!

    Amanda Wilson

  8. Laura - I am writing this from the cubicle on the right in your former office! This post yanked at my heartstrings! I am so glad to have read this... we miss YA'LL a lot too. Thanks for the shout out.
    Love - Brooke

  9. We miss you too. Hope you can come back south someday. Glad for the experience of getting to know you and being a small part of your life and you in ours.