Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Word From Rusty

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I don't know what Laura meant when she wrote, "Rusty likes the Jeep" (previous post). I only had Alex's best interests in mind when I suggested we get the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain stroller. How else is he going to be able to keep up with me out on the disc golf course? He'll grow to appreciate the cup holders and sound system as he learns how necessary they are on those long road trips through the mall with mommy. Besides, the chicks dig it. None of these silly little pastel-colored umbrella strollers with plastic wheels the size of bottle caps for my boy. We're talking 3WD, 13" rims, convertible rag top, saddle bags, forest green with gold pinstrips, plug in surround sound, latte holder, and the ultimate one-handed fold. Now that's a MAN'S stroller. Gidder done! YEAH! That's my boy! (Lucky for me, they also sell them in pink if the next one's a girl.)


  1. I think that is the most awesome stroller in the world! Rusty you are right on about the whole thing. If you haven't gotten it yet, Laura let him get it...ha ha.

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I'm suprised it doesn't have a Hemi. Rusty, better check on that one. Triple shock absorbers, and some mudflaps. Don't forget to hang the dice.