Friday, May 05, 2006

Two Months Old

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I can't believe Alex is two months old already! Where has the time gone? We didn't have a well-baby check-up this month, so I don't know exactly how much he weighs now, but my arms are sure telling me he's getting heavier! I'm guessing he weighs close to 12 pounds, and he is starting to outgrow some of his newborn-size clothes. Month two also brought the first real smiles from Alex. I have to say that there is no greater joy this side of heaven than seeing your baby break into a huge grin just at the sight of you.

In his second month, Alex has also organized his sleep patterns to include a long morning nap (very nice!), a shorter afternoon nap, and four to five hour stretches of sleep at night. So, we are all getting more sleep around here and I only have to get up once in the night for a feeding! Pretty good for a two month old! He loves rocking in his baby swing, riding in his stroller, laying on his playmat, looking at his mobile, and being sung to and talked to.

On his two-month birthday (Friday, April 28th), my friend Kari did a photo shoot with Alex and got some amazing shots. The above picture is one that she took. For grandparents and other interested parties, you can view the entire gallery by clicking here. You can also order prints directly from her website if you desire.


  1. those smiles you were referring too are not because he is happy to see you, rather just a good case of gas. An innocent mistake. But being a professional with that sort of thing I think I have room to speak. Love ya.

  2. Sooo cute! I loved the pictures and want to order some. I definitely think he has your eyes, Laura. Thanks for keeping the blog update. Sure makes me feel closer to you!