Monday, May 08, 2006

Golden Week Activities

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The first week in May, four Japanese national holidays occur almost consecutively and give us what is known as Golden Week. Rusty had the week off work, so we decided to get out and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.

On Monday, we went to Hitachi Seaside Park. Rusty played a few rounds of disc golf while Alex and I sat on a blanket and chatted with friends. Then we strapped him into his stroller and enjoyed meandering around the tulip fields. They were in full bloom and beautiful (see above picture). By the way, Rusty loves the Jeep stroller, and everyone who sees it comments on how cool it is.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a relaxing morning at home and went to the bath with friends in the afternoon. It was my first time since last fall to go to the public bath, and I sure enjoyed it. Alex is still to young to be taken into the bath, but I'm looking forward to introducing him to the joys of "onsen-ing" when he gets a little older.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent doing some projects around the house. On Friday, we packed a picnic lunch and drove north to Takahagi. We found a lovely park where we ate our lunch and then played on the grass with Alex. Saturday was another lazy day at home.

All in all, a very enjoyable Golden Week.

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  1. You're looking great, Laura! I'm glad you all are enjoying Japan and Alex. Sure wish we could come visit. Instead of getting warmer here, it's getting really cold. We had to go buy a couple heaters for our house. Drink in that sun, the parks, and the hot baths for us.