Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Our weekend was packed full of lots of activities. On Friday, Alex and I decorated Easter eggs. I decided he was old enough to help this year, and I was surprised by how well he did.

He was so surprised when the egg came out a different color!
Dipping the egg by himself

For the right price, I might let you hold my purple egg.

Our collection of rainbow-colored eggs

Friday evening, Rusty and I went to a Passover Seder dinner at our church. Alex stayed at his friend Mackenzie's house for the evening. It was our first time to participate in a church sponsored one. The other two we have experienced have been as guests of our friends, the Chans. The food was yummy -- they even served roast lamb! I was impressed. I always appreciate how celebrating Passover gives new and deeper meaning, not only to Easter, but also to the communion service we have each Sunday, because that's where it originated.

On Saturday morning, Alex hunted for Easter Eggs here on campus with the group from the Highland Church. He had such a great time!
Picking up Easter eggs

I snapped this pic about 5 seconds after he realized there was candy inside the eggs.

Alex and Mackenzie counting their spoils

This was about as close as Alex would get to the Easter bunny -- and only because there was a big basket of candy on the bench and he wanted some!

Saturday evening, it was our turn to keep Mackenzie so Sean and Laurel could go out. The kids had a great time, but Alex was sure tired after two late nights in a row!

Sunday morning, Rusty had to work, but Alex and I went to church and then had lunch with our friends and next-door neighbors, the Mullins. After Alex woke up from his nap, we put stickers on our dyed eggs. He only dropped one, which I thought was pretty good! The next morning, I made deviled eggs and egg salad -- yummy!

Hope your Easter was egg-stra special, too!


  1. I love that picture of him excited about his candy! It is so Alex!

  2. Just thought I'd say 'Happy Easter!' and 'BUMP!'...
    Laura H...