Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snow Day!

This Memphis weather is somethin' else! The first weekend in March, we had highs in the 70's. Last Saturday, this is what we woke up to:

That's snow, ya'll! At least six inches of it. In Memphis. In March. We just don't get snow like that very often 'round these here parts. I don't ever remember snow like this in our previous Mid-South winters, and Memphians tell me it has been a very long time since this area has seen a snowfall this big. It started snowing about noon on Friday; by 4:00, it was really coming down thick and starting to stick; and it finally tapered off around midnight. Of course, two days later, it was gone (highs in the 70's again this week), but not before we got the chance to romp and play in it:

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Making tracks

Alex and Mommy (love those rosy cheeks!)

How to make a snow angel (clockwise from top left):

1) The stance

2) The fall

3) The "swish swish"

4) The finished product

We went sledding on a cardboard box on the hill by the soccer field.

Even Daddy got in on the action.

Alex went by himself several times on his own small piece of cardboard. Every time he got to the bottom, he would cry. He hated that he had to get up and walk back up the hill to go again!

Brooks let Alex ride with him on his real sled a few times. It went much faster and farther than our pathetic box!

What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!


  1. Incredible! Brings back fond memories of the few snowdays we had when I was teaching - and the great longing to have those snow days : ) Looks like so much fun - wish we could've shared it with you - and Alex's b-day party as well. Love you guys!

  2. I love these pics. Especially the one of Alex and his snow tracks. That is a really neat picture. Wasn't that a great snowfall! -- nicole