Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training... and an Announcement!

Alex has been wearing big-boy underwear now for almost three weeks. I must confess that I approached potty-training with a fair amount of dread and trepidation (never having done it before), but so far, it seems to be going well. We have had our fair share of accidents, of course, and we are still using pull-ups for naps, night-time, and when we go out, but he seems to be "getting it" and keeps himself dry pretty consistently at home. I have noticed lately that he does a pretty good job about keeping his pull-up dry when we go out, also. Last week, he came home from Parents' Day Out wearing the same pull-up I had sent him in, and it was dry! So we are making progress. Maybe one day soon, I will be brave enough to attempt an outing in big-boy underwear rather than a pull-up.

I am anxious to complete potty-training with Alex so that I can enjoy a precious few diaper-free months.

I'll just let that sink in for a minute...

Figured out where this is going yet?

Yes, for those who haven't heard the news, we are expecting our second child! He or she will be joining our family in late March or early April next year. I am 11 weeks today (almost past the first trimester, yippee!) and my first doctor's appointment is scheduled for next week.

We are blessed. And we rejoice.


  1. Congrats on both accomplishments!
    It's funny how potty training can overshadow a new memeber to the family!! lol
    Hope you are feeling good.

  2. Alex,
    Nyanya and Babu are so proud of you. You are a very big boy, and soon to become a big brother. Wow! Love, Nyanya

  3. Yeah, Alex! I'm very proud of you - you can give your cousin Eliana some tips - although she is doing much better too!

    And you already know I'm excited for the new baby!

  4. Hurray,Laura! May God bless you in this pregnancy, in both body and mind! He is good all the time. I look forward to reading more as your baby--and you--grow!

  5. Congrats! What wonderful news! I hope you get to experience some diaper free months. It looks like you are on the right track. I agree the potty training things seems a little overwhelming.

  6. Great job on the potty training!
    Chris is still training but so far only at daycare we have been successful. Hopefully the diaper-free days will come soon.
    And of course congrats for the second child. You must be very excited!

  7. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! I'll look forward to your updates on your blog about your pregnancy adventures. (Hopfully it won't be too much of an adventure.) :) Did you get my email? Just want to make sure I sent it to the right address. Again-- I got chills when I read your post! I'm so excited for you!