Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Dois* Sneak Peek

I went to my first pre-natal appointment yesterday. I was so nervous -- odd, I know, since this is my second pregnancy. But it is my first time to have an OB as my primary care provider, and my first time to give birth in the United States. More thoughts on all that to come... for now, here are the ultrasound pictures:

I have no idea what you are looking at, so don't ask! Perhaps someone more adept at deciphering ultrasound photos can enlighten us all.

4-D picture. This one is easy. Baby's face on the right, arm and little hand on the left.

The doctor said everything looks great (hopefully, I'll start to feel great soon!), and gave me an "official" due-date of April 10, 2009. If this little one comes nine days early like Alex did, I may end up sharing a birthday with him/her! April Fool's babies do run in my family, after all.

* "Dois" is Portuguese for "two" (I know, we are so original!) and is pronounced "dosh" with a long O sound.


  1. Love the ultrasound pics. Keep us updated!

  2. Baby Dois,
    May God bless you with a tender heart to know Him and hunger for Him. May all your parts grow together perfectly.
    Your Nyanya

  3. OOOOH, Congratulations guys!!! I absolutely love Nyanya's comment. I pray the same prayer for my little ones from when they are being knit together in the womb. All babies deserve that much!!

    And, 'Baby Dois'... I love it!!

    Laura H...

  4. Congratulations! Great news!

  5. Excited for your second little one! I hope you feel well throughout the pregnancy, Laura. Loved seeing your little one in the pictures. God Bless you during this wonderful time. - Nicole

  6. Wow, I don't read for a while, and you come at me with this news! But it is great news. Congratulations. I'm praying for you.