Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Survey Trip Report

Click below to view our most recent newsletter, which is basically a report of our survey trip. If you contributed financially to our cause, you should have received a paper copy in the mail. This is for everyone else who encouraged us and offered up prayers for us during our journey. Thank you!


  1. BUZZ!
    Glad everything went well. ^-^ God is truly gracious.
    Laura H...

  2. Just wanted to say hi! It was so sweet to have a comment from you on my blog. I love looking at yours and have SO enjoyed hearing about and seeing all your pictures from your survey trip. Thanks for being such an incredible documentor!

    It would be SO fun to all get together again. Maybe atleast the Campbells and the Browns could have a reunion? We live only three hours from eachother afterall-- we could meet half way or something. Just a thought!

    Sorry for the "book" of a comment!
    Love you!

  3. Laura,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm curious as to how you found it. You are the first person who has found my blog due to the reason I first started it! (To my chagrin, it has become a hodge-podge of posts, many of which do not resemble prodromal labor!)
    I have posted a response on the comments section of my blog. I'm anxious to get to know you!
    Also, I know of one more person (whom I met while researching prodromal labor) who has just this year given birth to her second child whose stories you may want to read. It may give you hope that not every labor has to be that way! Let me know if you'd like the link!