Monday, November 07, 2016

Furlough 2014-15: Ft. Worth, TX

After two and a half years in Ecuador, plus a major change in our ministry focus (from the Kumanii jungle ministry to Camp Bellevue), and a change in our sponsorship, it was time to take our first furlough. We were in the States for about 3 months, from mid-October 2014 through mid-January 2015.

We started our time Stateside in Ft. Worth, Texas, visiting the Southside Church of Christ. This church actually came on board as one of our supporting congregations after we had already been in Ecuador a few months, so it was our first time to visit them and the first time for many in the congregation to meet us. We were there for two Sundays, and our time was PACKED (at our request) with seeing all of the different ministries Southside is involved in, meals with members, visiting various small groups, and a couple of presentations.

Here are pictures of some of the highlights of our time in Texas.

We spent a morning helping to build birdhouses for the Southside community garden, and enjoyed a serendipitous visit with Kent and Amber Brantley, the only other family to show up to help!

A sweet family who lived near the Ft. Worth Zoo paid for us all to spend the day there. Here, we are introducing the boys to Dippin' Dots!

We also took a morning and went to the Lego Discovery Center. It was super fun!

The boys (all 4 of them) loved this ride and went on it dozens of times.

Rusty's Uncle Willie is a pediatrician in the Dallas area. He saw all our kids, gave them check-ups, and updated their shots. Then we went to lunch at an Indian restaurant!

We celebrated Halloween while in Texas. Here we have Captain Rex, Spiderman, a very cute little pumpkin, and Scooby Doo!

Matt and Janille (my brother and sister-in-law) drove all the way from Abilene to see us and spend a weekend together.

We also saw my Uncle Ken. The only time we were able to squeeze in a visit with him was at the airport, right before we flew to Seattle. We are thankful he made time in his schedule for us.

Next stop: the Pacific Northwest!

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