Saturday, November 05, 2016

Month by Month: 11

In Elizabeth's eleventh month, she celebrated her first Christmas. (Side note: all four of our children have celebrated their first Christmas with their Nyanya and Babu! I think that's pretty special.) Doesn't she make the cutest little Santa Baby?

Also, she made her first trip to the ER, thanks to contracting a really nasty virus while in Nashville that made her super congested. She was having trouble breathing, so Rusty took her in to an urgent-care clinic. The people at the clinic decided she needed to be seen at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and insisted that she go in an ambulance. I was not super happy about that, mostly because the 20-minute ambulance ride alone ended up costing us over $800! Still, I'm thankful that we were able to access care for her so quickly and easily. In the picture below, the left-hand side is in the ambulance, and the right-hand side is at the hospital.
We are 1 month away from Elizabeth's first birthday, which we actually celebrated back in Ecuador. So, the next few posts will be a recap of Furlough 2014/15.

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