Friday, November 04, 2016

Month by Month: 9

 Elizabeth's ninth month was full of a lot of firsts.

First time on an airplane, and first time to visit her passport country: we left for our furlough in mid-October, 2014. Elizabeth proved to be a pretty easy baby to travel with. Since she wasn't mobile yet, other than being able to roll over, it was nice to be able to set her down somewhere without worrying that she was going to crawl and get dirty or get into a bunch of stuff she shouldn't. Of course, she was the star of our little traveling band. Everyone loves a baby! I will write more about our furlough in another post. The picture below was taken at the tail-end of our first flight from Quito to Miami. She finally dropped of to sleep about 3.5 hours into the 4-hour flight.

First Halloween: She wore this adorable pumpkin costume that I think was given to Stephen when he was a baby. We celebrated Halloween in Texas, and we were so excited to give our kids a real trick-or-treating experience. However, we didn't realize that the little town near where we were staying had cancelled Halloween (actually, they moved it to October 30th) on account of the last home football game of the season. Of course, Elizabeth didn't care, but the boys were pretty disappointed. Only in Texas!

First time to visit Seattle and the Bellevue Church of Christ: When we visited the Bellevue church the first time, to interview for the position of administrators at Camp Bellevue, I was pregnant with Elizabeth. So, this was the first time for many at our sponsoring church to meet her. The picture below was taken on the Seattle Great Wheel on the day we went down to the waterfront to explore. She loves her Daddy!

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