Saturday, November 05, 2016

Month by Month: 10

More firsts for Elizabeth in her 10th month:
  • First Thanksgiving, celebrated in Portland with Auntie Ronda
  • First snow (didn't really like it, too cold and wet)
  • First long multi-state road trip (more on this to come)
  • First time meeting many, many relatives!
  • First time meeting Santa (not a fan, hence no picture!)
She was sitting up well on her own at this point, but showing no interest in crawling. Eating lots of different foods (I loved being in the States where we had healthy options in baby food that I didn't have to make myself!), and still taking a bottle. Still sleeping pretty well at night, despite all of the moving around and changes to her routine. Such a sweet, easy-going girl!
Riding in the Kelty
A nap during church
10 months and 10 days old!

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