Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Indulging Our Obsession

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For those of you who have been wondering why we haven't been blogging very much lately, I have two words for you: Battlestar Galactica. This scifi drama, a "reimagining" of the original series produced in the 70's, is arguably the best show on television these days (sorry, LOST fans), and certainly the best, most creative, most thought-provoking science fiction show I have ever watched. Even if you aren't a fan of science fiction, you should certainly give this show a try as it is primarily a human drama, with the setting being outer space. And don't worry, there aren't any green one-eyed aliens running around the set.

Anyway, Rusty and I got hooked (shamelessly addicted, actually) on this show last year when the first season was airing on the SciFi Channel. For my birthday this year, I asked for Seasons 1 and 2.0 on DVD, and my parents brought them over when they came to visit in March. They also brought a few of the most recent episodes on VHS, which they taped for me before their trip. So, for the last week and a half, we have engaged in a "Battlestar Galactica" marathon. Now that we are finished, I promise to get back to blogging. I have Easter pics of Alex to post, and more.

By your command.


  1. Hey guys...I promise that Hitachi and visiting the Campbells will be on any itinerary to Japan. we might make a trip between the US and Australia before moving there. That would be so fun! Glad you are getting a little R&R!

  2. This is cracking me up. You know I've been equally obsessed with the final episodes of Alias of late! TV on DVD was a brillant invention, don't you think?