Thursday, April 06, 2006

One Month Old

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Tuesday, March 28th marked Alex' one-month birthday. Baby Sophie had her one-month birthday just the day before. So, we had a little birthday celebration, complete with cake and candles. Since both babies were asleep, their mamas had to blow out their candles and eat their cake for them.

On Thursday, March 30th, Alex and I had our one-month check-up at the Suzuki Clinic. Alex has gained one kilo in his first month of life (he weighs over 9 pounds now), and I have lost a kilo. I'll be fitting into my jeans again soon!

I can't believe Alex is already a month old. Let's see, in his first month of life, besides gaining over 2 pounds, he has learned to hold his head up really well, to take a pacifier, and to sleep for three to four hour stretches at night, mostly in his own bed. He loves looking at the wall hanging in our living room and the Japanese doors in our bedroom, sitting in his bouncy chair, being held by his daddy, and his nightly bath. Oh, he also loves eating (and is putting on the pounds to prove it)!

We're looking forward to what the second month will bring...


  1. Happy One Month birthday Alex! Keep growing.

  2. Happy One Month milestone to your whole family. May Alex continue to grow in strength and sleeping stretches! :-) (I do realise that what you are getting right now - 3-4 hours is great for a newborn!!!)

  3. Hey guys! Congratulations on your beautiful little boy, he's adorable! I'm so happy for you!

    It's kind of funny--we went to Oklahoma to visit friends last weekend and asked if they knew how our mutual friend Josh's sister-in-law, Laura, and her husband, Rusty, were doing, but they were no help. Then I got an email from Juanita Johnson today and looking at Roxanna's blog led me to yours. The church makes this such a small world--and blogging makes it even smaller!

    Laura, did you know that our friend Amy Way (Smith) has a little boy named Calvin Miles born on April 2? I haven't seen him yet. (I live in Boise now--darned Air Force didn't want to build a base in Portland so I wouldn't have to move when I got married.) Amy says he's beautiful and amazing, and she's totally besotted with him. I can't wait to get my hands on him!

    It seems like your little family is happy and well. I'm so glad! I've been happy and well, myself--and I'm glad for that, too. hehehe I pray that God continues to shower blessings on all of you.

    Gina (Frost) Kortan