Saturday, April 01, 2006

My First Road Trip

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When I was 10 days old, I got to go on my first road trip. Mommy and Daddy and I took Nyanya and Babu to Nikko, one of the religious centers of Japan. On Friday night, we drove to Mashiko, a pottery town, and stayed in a minshuku (a family run bed and breakfast). The next day, we drove to Nikko. We enjoyed looking at the beautiful temples and shrines. On the way home, we stopped for dinner at Subway in Utsunomiya.

I enjoyed my first road trip and I can't wait to take another one! Mommy says I am my father's son because I am such a good traveler. Daddy just says, "That's my boy!"

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  1. Rusty, What you packin? The baby supposed to come out and stay out. What a papa!

    Alex's Uncle Josh