Friday, April 14, 2006

Tub Time

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Just thought I would post some pics so everyone can see how Alex is growing. He is filling out and getting fat rolls in all the appropriate places! I know it is such a cliche, but they really do grow and change so fast. He has started smiling at us, but we have yet to capture a really good smile on the camera. Coming soon, I hope!

Originally uploaded by rustyandlaura.
It's hard to see in this picture, but the hood of the towel says, "I love my daddy." Thanks to our friends at the Thyatira Church of Christ in Mississippi for the great photo op!


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures! I love it when I see your blog is updated...thanks for taking time to keep us up to date with your growing family! Cute! Cute!

  2. He is really growing. Thanks for the new pictures. We love you Alex (and Mommy and Daddy too).