Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family Vacation (May, 2014)

At the beginning of May, our family took a week off and went to the beach for some r&r. We have found, since moving out to the camp, that the only way we can really take a break from all our responsibilities is to leave town entirely. Stay-cations just aren't realistic in our context. During the week, there is the staff to oversee as well as the children's program in the afternoons, and on the weekends, even if there is nothing officially going on at the camp (which seems to happen pretty infrequently), you are always "on call" in the event of an emergency.

Last year, we took a few days of vacation at the beginning of May and then again at the beginning of September. These times served as "book-ends" to our busy summer season at Camp Bellevue -- one was the deep breath before the plunge and the other was the relieved sigh after it was all over!

Our time at the beach in May was marred somewhat by Benjamin getting sick. Rusty eventually had to take him to the doctor and get him some antibiotics, and by the end of the week, he was doing better. Ben had to stay indoors for a couple of days, which is no fun when you are at the beach and want nothing more than to be outside playing on the beach or swimming in the pool. Thankfully, the condo where we stay when we go to the beach has a TV and lots of DVD's!

Here are a few pictures of our family vacation:

A week's worth of groceries loaded into the elevator (The idea is we shop once when we first get there and don't have to go out again!)
Naptime (This baby travel bed has been so great!)
The future looks bright!
Enjoying the view from the condo balcony
We always play lots of games...
...and read lots of books! (In fact, I don't feel like I've been on vacation if I haven't read at least one good book!)
Building a sand-castle
Learning to dive
Look at me!

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