Friday, April 24, 2015

Month by Month: 3

Elizabeth celebrated her 3-month birthday while we were at the beach in May for a week of family vacation (more about this in my next post). We spent much of April going back and forth to Quito, not just for all of her documents, but to renew our missionary visas and Ecuadorian driver's licenses, but she just rolled with all of it. I guess when you're #4, you just have to be easy -- there isn't a choice! She enjoyed her first beach experience, and especially liked splashing and playing in the pool and hot tub.

3 months is such a fun age! Babies are interacting more and smiling more, but still little and sweet and cuddly. I definitely started to notice around this time that Elizabeth was not growing as fast and was not nearly as chubby as her brothers were at this age. She stayed in 0-3 months size clothes until well into her fourth month. She also seemed to take longer to reach the big developmental milestones, like rolling over and sitting up. I think it was because she was so passive. She really was content to just sit in her bouncy seat or lay on her playmat and watch the world go by. Having three brothers who were always eager to entertain her or run and get things for her certainly didn't help motivate her to want to do things for herself.

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Sounds about right. My mom always said my brother (the middle child) took longer to talk, because my sister (the oldest) always spoke for him. He would point and she would do the talking for him.